Plan, Organise and Conduct Drives with Ease

Are you a HR Recruiter intending to hire the best candidate with the best platform ? You can now set up recruitment drives using ready to use assessments and easy to configure recruitment rounds.

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What does Talent Rank offer Recruiters ?

Talent Rank serves as a complete Recruitment Management Tool that aids both freshers and lateral hiring. It is built with the end to end Recruitment Process in mind. Recruiters can plan, organise, setup and conduct Recruitment drives with ease.

Well-structured workflows for conducting recruitment drives
Virtual interviews connecting Interviewers and Candidates
Readily available Job-Seeker Profiles from the marketplace
Customisation of rounds and assessments
Auto Evaluated Assessments and Real-Time Results
Integration with the Organization’s Referral Portal
Dashboards and Summary

Recruiters are provided with a comprehensive Drive Dashboard that provides a complete view of all the drives in progress. The dashboard also provides summary at Staffing requirement level helping recruiters to get the complete view of the recruitment progress.

In-depth Question Banks

Talent Rank provides multiple assessment formats that can be created from the extensive Question Bank. Recruiters are provided workflows to set-up assessments with minimal effort. All the assessments are auto-evaluated and the results are shared in the Dashboard.

A Virtual Interview Platform

Talent Rank has in-built features that can enable interview sessions between interviewer and candidate. Features like Code Pairing , Query list allow recruiters to assess candidates holistically on a real-time basis.

Talent Rank Marketplace

Talent Rank Marketplace provides a platform where jobseekers and recruiters connect based on skill mapping.Jobseekers can use Talent Rank Marketplace for getting their skills validated and get certifications. The Marketplace provides an unified view of all the available profiles including certification status to the recruiters. Recruiters can perform candidate screening using skill based certification status and can choose the right fit profiles for their job requirements.